Monday, July 4, 2011

raw oysters ... mussels ... radish salad ... dinner of awesomeness!!

i had been thinking we havent had enough seafood (me and craig) lately, so at the farmers market i thought it would be nice to have some mussels. we got to the mussels vendor, and they were giving a free sample of a raw oyster shucked right there! i had one and i was sold! so ... we bought both the mussels and oysters! and i made them both for dinner! haha ... it was my first time shucking oysters ... um not as easy as the oyster vender made it look, but i managed ... i think we still ate some shell bits from my not so clean shucking haha ...

so dinner was:

raw oysters with lemon garnish for slurping!

mussels cooked in a pan and covered with garlic, ghee, a bit of salt and 1/4 cup of water for 10 minutes on medium.

red radish salad with red onion and raw zucchini with a little fresh lemon juice

super yummy dinner!!!

we had a fun time designing the place setting of the table :P and taking photos of the dinner ... it was just too awesome to not make beautiful ;)

craig arranging the set up just perfect ;)

YUM! scraped clean! :)

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