Wednesday, March 30, 2011

rabbit coq au vin, carrot mash and more

Ok, next, last week we got a rabbit from the farmers market and i had my first try at cooking it! i was very excited as ive never had it before :) i chose to make rabbit coq au vin.

here's a picture of the little guy:

tongue sticking out at you! :)

the rabbit was already gutted, they just left what was edible

i split the rabbit up for cooking

look how cool the heart and lungs look!

for cooking rabbit coq au vin, i used the arms and legs and save the rest for rabbit soup

i browned the arms and legs then set aside

caramelizing onions

add chicken back to pan, add red wine, and some rosemary, thyme and bay leaves

to go with the rabbit, mashed carrots with garlic, green onion, ghee and smoked salmon

rabbit coq au vin with mashed carrots! 
craig says the carrots were amazing - i think it was the taste of smoked salmon - tastes like bacon ;)

Craig and i made whole citrus juice by peeling the orange, tangelo, blood orange and blending in blender. turns out very tasty, plus, you get all the pulp and other goodness ;)

Last, but not least, i made one of my favorite paleo dishes saturday night: paleo fajitas! instead of tortillas, we use cabbage. the steak tasted soooo yummy! i marinated it in pepper, garlic powder, cayenne and lime, then grill - love it!!

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