Wednesday, August 31, 2011

natural cleaners & non-toxic feminine hygiene products ...

slowly but surely im working on going through all the products that i use and replacing them with better alternatives or getting rid of them all together if i realize they are unnecessary.

household cleaners

my newest replacement has been our multi-purpose household cleaner. i am now using vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. from what ive read, they are much less harsh than most cleaners and they clean just as effectively. the way you use them is to spray one and then spray the other - you dont mix them into one bottle.

read here for mercola's explanation of using vinegar and hydrogen peroxide.

i plan on going through and replacing our household cleaning products with safer ones. here is a great article on "How to keep you home clean naturally" - i plan on referencing this from now on as i replace products :)

its really amazing how inexpensive it is to use natural cleaning products! they are less harsh on your skin, you arent exposing yourself and your family to toxins and its cleaning very effectively. its a win-win!

feminine hygiene products

i have replaced my tampons and pantiliner/pads with ones that are made of organic cotton and free of dioxins.

being environmentally friendly is definitely important as the quantity of these products that are used and disposed of is probably an enormous amount, but also, tampons in particular, are being used in a very sensitive area of the womans body and potentially harming through any chemical process most tampons go through to get produced.

oddly enough, i think i actually feel a difference. overall, this is for my long term health, and im hoping i have decreased another potential toxin from entering my body :)

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